Motor Vehicle Accident Injuries

Peachtree Immediate Care can treat motor vehicle accident (MVA) injuries under most circumstances; however, how the visit is paid for can be tricky and must be confirmed at time of visit.

The first source of payment is typically the patient’s auto insurance policy if it includes “Med Pay.” If the patient does not have Med Pay, or if it cannot be confirmed at time of visit, it may be possible for the claim to be processed through your health insurance carrier. Some health insurance carriers will cover the charges, but many will not. We ask for the patient to confirm that insurance covers the injury at the time of visit but, if that is not possible, then the patient will be seen as a self-pay visit. In this case, the patient can submit the claim for reimbursement to their insurer later if they determine that they do have coverage.

If we process the charges through the patient’s healthcare insurance carrier, then co-pays, co-insurance, and deductibles may still apply and are the patient’s responsibility to pay in accordance with our credit card-on-file policy. In any event, we will not accept third-party coverage (i.e., the patient is not the “at fault” party in the accident).  

Please ask our front desk if you have any questions.