Seasonal Updates

Now Open in Oakwood, GA!

Peachtree Immediate Care, the leading operator of urgent care centers in the Greater Atlanta area, opened its seventeenth center in Oakwood, a northeastern suburb of Atlanta along I-985, on November 7th....


Now Open in Snellville, GA

Peachtree Immediate Care, Georgia’s leading urgent care network and an urgent care partner of the Emory Healthcare Network, opened its eighteenth center on Monday, May 1, in Snellville GA, a suburb...


Be Prepared For Flu Season

How should you prepare for flu season? CDC recommends a yearlyflu vaccinefor everyone 6 months of age and older as the first and most important step in protecting against this serious disease. While there...



Some of our latest reviews from all of our locations. Thank you to all our patients that

took the time to give us some nice feedback.

     "I really loved the doctor that helped me on Sunday the 17th at 8:45 am. The whole staff was amazing and kind. I will definitely go here again.."  -- Cynthia D.

     "Was well pleased with speed and efficiency of service, starting with the receptionist (pleasantly friendly and courteous), nurse (thorough personal and professional), and finally with the PA. Ms Paula exhibited caring, thoughtfulness, and concern for her patient. Follow up texting is a nice touch as well, as it promoted after visit care and conern."  -- David C. . 

       "Very good experience. The PA that treated me went the extra mile in making sure I got the best price on meds."  -- Phil Y.

       "The staff was very courteous and treated my son well. Thank you. He is feeling much better."  -- Lina

       "The Fayetteville office is great. Everyone in our household has been to this office. The staff is friendly and competent and we have never had to wait more than a few minutes. The doctors take the time to talk to you and offer you excellent care. It's especially handy since it has become pretty much impossible to see a doctor without waiting several weeks (for colds and such). I recommend it to those who live in close proximity."  -- Patricia R.

     "I took a Flu Shot in the Fall but caught the Flu any way. 10 Minutes into my exam Dr. (Y)oon told me I had the Flu. In short order I had a prescription and on my way home to spend Christmas in bed. Their facility is very clean and nice and the staff is very friendly and professional." -- Eurith  R.

     "Last week I was released from work after previously being affected with the flu virus. I walked into this urgent care for the first time, and I must admit, the process was indeed a fast one and the information they provided was very helpful. The staff was super nice and welcoming. I would definitely recommend anyone looking for this type of service. Thanks for the hospitality Peachtree." -- Lovie G.

     "Dana is amazing! She took great care and I didn’t even notice she was removing stitches from my flesh :)" -- Brandon S.

     "Great staff!! They were friendly and Professional." -- Harley S.

     "They are very polite, gentle, helpful." -- Saikat T.

     "2nd time I've been there. Clean, quick, efficient, friendly." -- Jennifer E.

     "Great experience! Patient and kind staff that went the extra mile which means everything when you feel really crappy. Thanks you guys!." -- Reina B.

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