Are you worried that you might have the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?


We are now offering drive-thru evaluation and testing for COVID-19 (Coronavirus) at our Austell Clinic Monday - Friday between 9AM and 5PM (Note that due to a high volume of patients we cannot take phone calls at this time).
To be tested:
1. Take the screener (below) to see if you qualify as a high risk patient.
2. If you are considered high risk, please complete the online registration. We apologize, but we are not able to offer check in times as part of this process.
3. We accept most insurances, and don't require a co-pay.
4. There is also a $175 Self-pay option.



If you or someone you love feels sick and doesn’t meet the criteria in the screener, don't panic. The flu or another respiratory virus is still the most likely cause. This has been another particularly bad year for the flu, especially in the southeast. Please come in and we can still treat for other respiratory and upper respiratory infections.